Dispute resolution


In the event of national and cross-border disputes initiated by a consumer against a supplier of goods or service provider related to contractual obligations arising from contracts of sale or service agreements entered into between the supplier established and consumers residing in Portugal and the European Union (whether it is the PORTO TOURISM ASSOCIATION or a Partner in the Marketplace), the consumer may resort to a Consumer Dispute Resolution Entity.

Marketplace Partners established in Portugal are subject to mandatory arbitration or mediation, within the scope of consumer disputes of low economic value (up to €5,000) when, by express option of the consumers, they are submitted to the assessment of an arbitral tribunal attached to legally authorized consumer conflict arbitration centers.

Currently, the following Consumer Dispute Resolution Entities exist in Portugal:

- National Centre for Information and Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts (CNIACC);
- Coimbra District Consumer Conflict Arbitration Centre (CACCDC);
- Lisbon Consumer Conflict Arbitration Centre (CACCL);
- Autonomous University of Lisbon Arbitration Centre (CAUAL);
- Madeira Autonomous Region Consumer Conflict Arbitration Centre (CACC RAM);
- Porto Information and Arbitration Centre (CICAP);
- Vale do Ave Information and Arbitration Centre (TRIAVE);
- Vale do Cávado Information and Arbitration Centre (CIAB);
- Algarve Information, Mediation, and Arbitration Centre (CIMAAL).

In the case of national and cross-border consumer disputes in the online realm, the consumer may turn to the European Consumer Centre via the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Platform, competent for resolving disputes related to contractual obligations from online sales or service contracts. Access the Electronic Platform for Alternative Dispute Resolution in national or cross-border online sales and service contracts here.

Disputes related to purchases made in the Marketplace from Partners established outside the European Union are not covered by the Alternative Dispute Resolution mentioned in this clause.

For more information, visit the Consumer Directorate-General website: www.consumidor.pt.